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8 Things You Should Always Pack

1) Personal Medications: Obvious reasons
2) Wet Wipes: For those times when you score the open stall and find out there's no toilet paper and the hand soap dispenser don't work either.
3) Sunscreen: Sunburn is a trip-killer and so is looking 70 at 20
4) Books/Games/Time Occupiers: We have all been delayed and thought, "If I knew I would have brought ..."
5) 1st Aid Kit (small): Band-Aids for blisters, medication for unforeseen headaches, eye drops for hangovers, small scissors to cut tags of new luggage after the airline breaks your old ones, etc...
6) Copies of I.D./Credit Cards (separate the lock from the key): You will spend hours, if not days kicking yourself if your wallet is stolen or lost.  A few copies stowed away from your wallet with all identifiable account numbers, TELEPHONE numbers to call in case of emergency and something to show TSA so hopefully you can get home.


7) Overnight Carryon Bag: Airlines DO and COMMONLY lose luggage.  Have a change of underwear and clothes.  You can use the hotel toiletries and head to the local super-center to make up for the rest.
8) Rechargeable Battery Pack for All your Tablets, Phones, etc: Airports can get ugly if there is a delay especially if 16 people are fighting over 4 plugins. ... you have 8% battery power left as you frantically try to call your 18 yr old who is watching the house on a Friday night and just before the last phone call dropped you found out it is his best friend's 21st birthday.